Layout Surveyor

Job Description

What's in store

This position leverages modern technological advancements in surveying methods to ensure the accurate and efficient marking of coordinates or reference points as per the project's drawings/models. The surveyor position is responsible for staking out reference points and markers that guide the construction project's new structures (or related) with pinpoint accuracy.

Our 4 division are:
Heavy civil

Work Hours

What to expect

The hours of work will range from 40 to 50 hours per week, (7 am–5 pm) depending on varying contracts and timelines—overtime, weekends and/or evenings are typically not required.


What's typical

Layout surveyors at MGI will come across and engage with tasks such as:

  • Surveying the land to determine precise location and measurement of points, researching survey evidence, developing new data, maintaining accurate notes and coordinate findings
  • Plan, organize, and direct the work of one or more survey parties engaged in surveying the land to determine precise location and measurements of points, elevations, lines, area and contours for projects
  • Provide technical information to company supervisors, clients, or other personnel to ensure findings reported comply with engineering standards and other site requirements
  • Research previous survey evidence, maps, deeds, physical evidence, and other records to obtain data needed to perform and/or maintain survey
  • Conduct As-Built surveys for verification purposes
  • Inspect work for conformance to design drawings
  • Coordinate inspections with consultants and authorities


Training: What's preferred

  • Working at Heights
  • Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment for Workers
  • Accesibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Post-Secondary Certificate, Degree, or Diploma


Salary and Compensation:
What’s rewarded

We offer competitive salaries on experience, knowledge, and education. MGI also provides attractive benefits that extend to health, dental, vision insurance, retirement planning, pension plans, professional development, training credits, wellness programs, travel/vacation days, discounts on company products and services, commuter benefits, and team bonding events to maintain a healthy and inviting company culture.


What we’re all about

Our mission is very clear: we are dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective and timely service; our employees with a safe and rewarding workplace; and our planet with environmentally sound business strategies and operating procedures. We look to situate development projects not as a ‘one-off’ but contextualize them within the broader community and actively look to redefine construction as a lifestyle, not just a ‘job.’

We realize that some seek employment where others are driven by a greater civic-duty. It is this latter segment, those who are self-motivated, passionate, entrepreneurial in spirit while egoless in nature, that we believe are best suited for our collective role in #ConstructingHistory.

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