Toronto’s Rise in Mixed-Use Developments: A Spotlight on One Delisle

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Irene Vamvakaris

Let's explore One Delisle—a prime mixed-use residential development at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, Ontario.

In the evolving landscape of Toronto construction, mixed-use developments have become a trend—fusing residential and commercial spaces within a single project reshapes urban living, striking the perfect balance of modernity and interconnectedness.

In partnership with Multiplex Construction, MGI Construction Corp. proudly elevates the midtown skyline and lays a solid foundation for bright modern living in Toronto’s mixed-use condo boom.

Responding to the Mixed-Use Boom

Nestled in the heart of mid-town, One Delisle unveils 44 storeys and 371 units of mixed-use residential and office space, bringing a more intentional approach to living to Downtown Toronto.

One Delisle defines and neighbours upscale living, is near renowned education, and brings residents the best of midtown Toronto's shopping and culinary landscape. Mixed-use developments bring residents closer to fitness, beauty, entertainment, and all cultural amenities that are crucial factors when assessing a new home.

When Great Architecture Meets Proud Local Contractors

One challenge in constructing mixed-use developments is harmonizing diverse architectural elements. How can we elevate the fuse of residential and commercial space? Which location best connects communities to retail and transportation? Profound architects and developers address these challenges with best construction practices such as integrated design, sustainable material selection, spatial planning, and more.

In collaboration with world-renowned Studio Gang architect Jeanne Gang, Slate Asset Management and MGI Construction materialize intentional living by creating a vibrant hub that visually appeals, efficiently functions, and renders accessibility to residents with strategic proximity to transportation, shopping, and premium community amenities.

Building Economic Opportunities in Toronto's Skyline

Toronto's One Delisle development exemplifies the economic benefits of mixed-use construction. Combining office and residential space, the project contributes to local economic growth, creates jobs, and enhances urban vitality. This success underscores the positive impact of well-designed mixed-use developments on the local economy and urban living.

The Truth About Toronto's Housing Needs

As mixed-use developments continue to shape Toronto's urban landscape, construction professionals are at the forefront of this transformative trend. While challenges abound, the success stories of developing projects such as One Delisle demonstrate that strategic planning, community engagement, and innovative design can turn challenges into opportunities, enriching the lives of Toronto residents.

Toronto demands accessible communities with modern housing solutions. Mixed-use construction connects residents with the services they need. It offers substantial rewards to contractors- selecting the right full-service contractor is critical to enriching community building and bringing your vision to life.

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